Pillows play an important role in all phases of our life hence investing in good ones is the key to a healthy life.
Our company provides you with the best solutions to make your living easy, get these cooling pillow protectors now and invest towards a hassle-free life.

What is a pillow protector?
A Pillow protector is a case for your pillow’s protection to make it last longer.
It is an additional layer that saves your pillow from dirt, spills and stains, or other damage.
There are many kinds of pillow covers available on our website of Save n Deal;

>Waterproof pillow protectors safeguard your pillows from moisture and spills
>The anti-allergy pillow protector is special for those who are allergic to lint or dust as it doesn’t let dust sit on it.
>The anti-bacterial pillow protector helps you stay away from all sorts of mites and bacteria to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
>The cooling pillow protector keeps your temperature in check and helps in the reduction of heat around your body.

Are pillow protectors important?
-Pillow protectors reduce the cost of changing pillows now and then due to accidental spills, tears, or any sort of damage.
-Best for hotels who are looking for long-lasting products to make their hotel bedding lavish
-It also adds a lot of benefits to your sleeping health and mental peace, you will wake up rejuvenated!
Forget the sweat with our cooling pillow protectors!
Our cool and fresh crystal cooling pillow protectors are tailor-made to give you a rich feel and help you stay relaxed and happy.

– your temperature stays regulated while sleeping
– special texture and fabric that doesn’t let the moisture stay
breathable pillows are thin to promote airflow and prevent bacteria

How do cooling pillowcases work?
The ideal temperature for sleep is between 60-67 degrees, this is the best cooling pillow protector that absorbs all the heat from your body and spread coolness throughout the night.

Quality product
-the fabric is light and airy
-the silky feel makes it super soft to touch
-the material is breathable
-the texture is non-itchy.
-help you build a healthy night routine.

Which one to choose? Gel or foam?
Memory foam has proven to provide more support than cotton alternatives which means more support for your body frame so you don’t have to wake up with neck or shoulder pain.

Gel foam is made to reduce heat retention on the surface, making the pillowcase more breathable and preventing warming up. They help you sleep fast and comfortably.


Health benefits of using our cooling pillow protectant.
Save n deal is a leading company when it comes to bedding essentials. Pillow protectors are one of them. This brand serves all.

1. Moldy pillows
When sweat, perspiration or moisture is absorbed by pillows, it makes them mouldy very quickly and if they are white, you will see fine yellow random lines of your sweat.
This can cause:
-restless sleep
-daytime laziness

2. Say no to bed bugs
Pillows are the most used item in any room, whether it is to sleep or hug or have a playful fight. Due to that, they become an easy target for bed bugs and mites which are very hard to get rid of.
This can lead to :
-sore patches on the skin
– allergies
– sneezing
– different infections
– it is highly dangerous for people with sensitive skin

3. Breathable
Pillow protectors are light and the material is airy so you won’t have to feel suffocated or stuffy while sleeping. It keeps the allergies away so asthma patients also take advantage of it.

4. Maximum cooling effect
Cooling pillow protectors provide you with:
-an ideal sleeping environment that fits your body and mind both
– Putting your mind to ease so you don’t have to toss and turn in bed during hot nights
– cosier experience for you and your loved ones.

Cooling pillow reviews
Feeling a bit unconvinced? Hear what people from all around the world have to say about cooling pillow protectors.
1. Excellent value pillow protectors, keeps you cool and prevent hair-pulling.    (Rated 5 stars by this user)
2. Best value quilted protector, soft, protective, washable, fantastic quality. What more could you ask of a pillow protector?
(Rated 5 stars by this user)
3. Great value pillow protector, also for those with asthma and allergies.
(Rated 4 stars by this user)
4. A pair of high-quality pillowcases thought to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Beauty sleep at its best!
(Rated 4 stars by this user)
5. A luxury silky pillow with a fabulous cool side in the middle of the night. This one is a keeper.
(Rated 4.5 stars by this user)

1. Do you put pillow cases over pillow protectors?
Answer: It depends on your choice, however, the main purpose of a protector is to provide an outer protective layering to the pillow.

2. When should I change my pillows?
Answer: After 1-2 years

3. Are cooling pillow protectors worth it?
Answer: Yes, it is great for hot sleepers and has proven to help you achieve a most satisfying sleep.

4. What type of pillow protector is best?
Answer: It depends on your needs, Anti-microbial pillow protector works for everyone.

5. How do I stop my pillows from sweating?
Answer: Use a waterproof pillow

A hygienic sleeping environment is necessary for every age group.
Your elders need their restful sleep to help the body function to the maximum and put the mind at peace.
You, as an adult, need a controlled 8-hour sleep to manage work, and studies, and live a stress-free life.
Your kid needs proper sleep for energy to study and outdoor activities, if not achieved, your kid might lack proper health.
Time to say goodbye to your dirty, dusty, allergic, warm, damp and bacterial pillows and welcome the pillow protectors!

Pillows play an important role in all phases of our life hence investing in good ones is the key to a healthy life.
Our company provides you with the best solutions to make your living easy, get these cooling pillow protectors now and invest towards a hassle-free life.

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